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Brides may use: veils, tiaras, toque, bows, clips with flowers as accessories to their hair. Any type of women’s jewelry can be addition to the carnival hairstyles. For the carnival hairstyles there can be used: brooches, necklaces, headbands, silk flowers, decorative pins and combs.


Helga Weber / photo on flickr

Helga Weber / photo on flickr

Recent bridal hair ornaments are made ​​of tulle, with lightweight materials, the beads of metal, with crystals. Such ornamentsare often hand- made , very carefully. Each piece is a small work of art. Old-fashioned, elegant, decorative brackets, with precious stones, animal and floral patterns can be remarkable hair ornaments.

Asymmetrically plugged into the hair, with the bun above the neck are ideal for a bit of luxury. They can be formulated with romantic dresses and even jeans. Colorful sash tape weaving between the strands of hair look very interesting in strings. What’s more, ties in the girls’ original designs also look very interesting. The creativity of designers  has no boundaries, it is limitless. At the boutiques, shops with cosmetics and jewelry, you can find great accessories to hairstyles.

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