8 pieces of advice for completing the vanity case

Posted: October 11th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Every woman, caring for her appearance, should have a well-equipped vanity case. However, what should contain a well-equipped vanity case? It is possible to find answers for this question in the following pieces of advice for completing the vanity case.


The base, up to the make-up, is important cosmetic, because it will cause that our make-up will remain on the face far longer. Apart from this, using the base will cause that we will reduce the visibility of the leeks a little bit. In drugstores, available are bases up to make-up for every kind of complexion.


The consistency of foundation depends on our likings, but predominately on the type of the complexion. There can be the foundation in cream, in liquid, or in the consistency of delicate, fluffy mousse. We apply the foundation with a special sponge, or simply with finger tips.


The proper completing of the vanity case cannot do without powder. The loose powder will cause that make-up will be much more long-lasting. We apply it on the face with the big brush for the make- up. Such a brush, preferably from the natural, soft bristle, should also be in our vanity case.


It can be in cream, powder, and even in gel. Depending on the consistency, we can apply it with fingers, brush, or small sponge. Competent applying the rouge will allow us to correct the face shape, and even make it look slimmer.

Eye shadows

Further completing of the vanity case is the choice of appropriate eye shadows. The colour of eye shadows depends on the kind of our beauty. We can also decide on the whole, colourful palette. Some of colours included in it will certainly suit us. We apply the eye shadows with the applicator with the sponge. If the sponge will be lightly humid, the eye shadows will remain longer. We apply the eye shadows in cream with small brush.


It’s the best to equip the vanity case in two or three crayons. One, matchedto the natural lips colour in order to correct their shape and the rest of them to the eyes, also matched to the beauty type.


This cosmetic should be in every vanity case. Without it, the proper completing of the vanity case is impossible. The mascara will cause that our look will get expression, the eyelashes will be longer and thicker. In the drugstore, you can find a lot of different mascaras. We have to choose a lot of types of both the cosmetic, and the brush for applying it. It’s the best to ask the shop assistant about advice.


The next important component of the vanity case is the lipstick. It’s the best to have a few lipsticks, for using by day and in the evening outing. It’s the best to apply the lipstick on the lips with the small brush. The colour of the lipstick should be matched to our kind of beauty.

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