7 steps of putting the self-tanning cream

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The self-tanning cream is a perfect way for those who want in a completely healthy, safe and fast way to get a beautiful tan. However administering this cosmetic isn’t already so simple, it is quite easy to make a mistake which will bring us the ugly, artificial suntan and problems with its removal. However it will be sufficient to get to know a few simple steps, thanks to which putting the self-tanning cream will become as easy as a pie.

At the beginning do a test

Before applying the self-tanning cream, the most important thing is to carry out a test which will check whether allergic to this cosmetic. It will be sufficient to administer a bit of the self-tanning cream to a small surface of the skin and to wait 24 hours. If after this time we notice no worrying manifestations, this mean that we can use the cosmetic without any worries.

Choose the correct consistency

At chemists self-tanning creams are available in various consistencies – e.g. in a form of cream, gel, spray, oil. If your skin is oily you should choose light gels, sprays and lotions. Whereas creams and greasing balsams will be useful for a dry skin

Do a body scrub

One should precede putting the self-tanning cream by a thorough exfoliation of the whole body. It is very important, as it will remove the scurf and will smooth the skin out, and thanks to that the self-tanning cream will be better absorbed.

Moisturize the skin

After the shower it is worth moisturising the skin, particularly in regions near knees or elbows. The skin is far drier there and if it isn’t appropriately moistened, the self-tanning cream will absorb there far more quickly, than into the rest of the body and ugly stains will come into existence.

Take your time

Only, if we make sure that our body is exactly cleaned and drained, we can proceed to the application of cosmetic. Putting the self-tanning cream should be performed slowly and thoroughly. If you hurry too much, the only thing you will achieve, are these ugly streaks.

Wash hands

While putting the self-tanning cream, every now and then one should carefully wash his/her hands. Membranes between fingers are places, where the self-tanning cream very much easily and quickly is absorbed.

Be patient

The self-tanning cream is drying quite long, so one should be patient. Otherwise we can stain our clothes, or the cloths and lead to the creation of ugly stains on the body.

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