7 solutions for greasy hair

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Greasy hair looks bad, sloppily, they are deprived of glitter and the lightness. The reasons for greasy hair are as many as the remedies, which have the task to overcome this problem. However, they don’t always give the good result. So try out a few simple, home solutions for greasy hair.

Home-made styptic remedies

In order to prepare the remedy, which has got the task to pull the sebaceous glands off, you need extract from the witch hazel and mouthwash. Mix these two substances in proportion 1:1. Use the resulting rinse very carefully, trying to cover with it only the scalp. The best way is to put liquid, moistening the cotton swabs with it. Don’t soak hair in it, because you can destroy them.

Lemon rinse

Lemon rinse is an excellent solution for greasy hair. Mix the juice of two lemons with the quarter of the distilled water and soak hair in rinse prepared in this way. Already after the short time you will notice excellent results.


Even though the smell of vinegar doesn’t belong to the most pleasant, there is nothing to become discouraged about, because it’s a perfect base to rinses for greasy hair. Mix two tablespoons of vinegar with the glass of water. Vinegar in perfect way will rinse out unnecessary suet and dirt from hair.

Home-made shampoo

In order to improve the effect of your shampoo a little bit, measure the glass of cosmetic and add the teaspoon of aloe gel and tablespoon of the lemon juice. The wholeness mix thoroughly, and then wash hair with this shampoo and precisely rinse it out.

Children’s powder

A good solution for greasy hair is children’s powder. Distribute it on hair and leave for 5 minutes. After passing of this time, brush the hair thoroughly. Powder should absorb the entire suet from hair.

Yeast mask

You can also try to prepare the home-made mask for hair with the tendency to greasy. For that purpose prepare the lamp of yeast and the glass of milk. Mix them very precisely, and then apply on hair for about half an hour. Next rinse the head precisely with lukewarm water and wash the hair with shampoo.

Herbal rinse

Greasy hair will gain the freshness and glitter thanks to herbal rinse. Brew 1 bag or 1 teaspoon of dried herbs in the cup of water. Preferably, if it will be thyme and the coltsfoot. Thyme will clean and disinfect the scalp, and the coltsfoot will stop the hyperactivity of sebaceous glands. Strain the brewed herbs and leave for cooling. After every hair washing apply such rinse, rinsing hair with it and massaging it into the scalp.

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