7 solutions for brittle nails

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Broken and split nails are a quite often met, unaesthetic and irritating problem. So if you have brittle nails, you should read the following pieces of advice as soon as possible to get rid of this trouble and to be able boast of beautiful and healthy nails.


The excellent solution for strengthening the nail plate is to enrich the diet in products containing a lot of zinc. So eat eggs, the cereal, the soya and nuts as oftenas possible, and drink the milk. Zinc will not only improve the condition of the plate of nails, but also will remove white small spots from them. They are a symptom of the deficiency of zinc in the human body.

Nails painting

Acetone, which is a main component of majority nail polishes and nail polish removers, drys off and weakens the nails. Much less harmful, but equally effective is acetate, so if you like to paint your nails, search for products which base on it. Moreover, choose the nail polishes which contains active strengthening ingredients. Don’t leave nail polish too long on the nail and guard to it doesn’t crumble. It doesn’t only look in an unaesthetic way, but it also has a negative impact on the nails condition.


Drinking of the large amount of water has not only the beneficial impact on our health, but also help to deal with the problems, which the brittle nails are. So drink at least 1.5 litre of water per day in order to keep strong and healthy nails.


Perhaps it hasn’t even came to your mind, that your problem could derive from the fact that you use a nail file improperly. Moving the file in one and into the other side is a mistake. It will cause the tearing of nail plate. So it’s better to file your nails in one direction.

Vitamin B

If you have brittle nails, eat as much vitamin B as possible. It works in excellent way for strengthening the nail plate. However, before you attach this vitamin to your diet, it’s good to consult it with the pharmacist.


It turns out that cuticles are a problem of not only an aesthetic nature. Fragile cuticles around the nails can lead to the infection under the nail. So buy a special cream intended for softening the cuticles, or just put on them vaseline which is cheaper, but equally effective equivalent of such preparations.


Supplements, containing the horsetail are an excellent solution for brittle nails. The horse-tail doesn’t only strengthen the nail plate, but also the skin and hair. You will notice the difference in the condition of your nails already after the month of use the preparation.

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