7 solution for a glossy face

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The oily and combination skin owner know well how unsightly problem is the glossy face. However, there are some proven solutions, which will allow us to effectively mat the skin.

The mask made of the clay

Excellent results, in terms of dulling of the skin, can bring clay masks. In the drugstore, choose the mask, in which the clay is the main ingredient. Natural clays, for example kaolin have the capacity to absorb the sebum. The ideal solution is the mask, which apart from the clay contains algae extract, nettle, and olive leaf, which relax the facial skin, refresh and add the radiance. We can prepare the clay mask ourselves. Just mix the egg white with 1-2 tablespoons of green clay. We apply this mask on the face, neck and neckline. When it becomes dry, we rinse it with lukewarm, and then with cool, boiled water.


Glossy face needs fat-free creams. The best will be moisturizing – mattifying cosmetic with the light consistency. At night, use the creams, which gently exfoliating the skin.


With the glossy face, the creams containing oils are absolutely excluded. It is better to looking for products, which contain jojoba shrub leaves, aloe vera and algae, and other substances that do not block up the pores.

Face washing

Shiny face cannot do without washing for at least three times a day. For this purpose, use the cosmetics specifically intended for oily or combination skin. A good cosmetic to face washing thoroughly cleans and unblocks pores. To wash your face you need to use cold water, it weakens the sebaceous glands and closes the pores.

Mat tissue paper

Using tissue paper is much more convenient than using of cleaning cosmetics and tonics, and for that we can take them anywhere with us. These tissues absorb sebum excess, without spoiling the makeup.


To the glossy face makeup, it is the best to use foundations with the formula, which absorbs sebum excess. However, remember to choose not too heavy cosmetics. If your skin shines only in the “T” zone (forehead, nose, chin), we apply mat foundation only in oily areas, without weighing down the gentle cheeks.

Steam bath

Cheap and effective solutions for problems with glossy face are herbal baths. To prepare the bath we need a handful of herbs and a liter of boiling water. The best for this purpose will be coltsfoot, St. John’s wort, peppermint, sage and horsetail. It is the best to apply such a bath once a week for about 10 minutes.

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