7 pieces of advice how to make the pedicure

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It’s possible to make the excellent pedicure in secluded place of your own bathroom, without need of spending money at the beautician. Using following pieces of advices you will learn, how the real care of your feet should look like in order to they look breathtaking in uncovered shoes.


To make homemade pedicure, you have to get a few things. Above all, prepare the bowl with warm water and soap, cotton pads, a nail file, wooden sticks for moving cuticles away, cream softening the cuticles, lotion for feet, nail polish remover, foundation for nail polish, nail polish, conditioner for nails, accessories for the nails care, and ear buds.


Soak feet in the bowl, filled up with water with the addition of soap and the cosmetic salt by about 15 minutes. With pumice wipe the corneous epidermis off. Dry the feet thoroughly.

Nails trimming

The base of appropriate pedicure is to take care of the nail plate appearance. The softened in water nails we align with nail clippers. However, remember to trim nails on straight in order to prevent their ingrowing.

Filing the nails

Smooth the edges of cut nails with the file. Gently round the edges off.


It’s better to move the cuticles, covering the nail away. Under no circumstances cut cuticles with nail clippers or with nail scissors. If despite of soaking feet in water, it is still hard to move them away, use special cream, which soften the cuticles.


The pedicure task is not only to improve the appearance of your feet, but also their relaxing. Massage the feet thoroughly, by the way rubbing moistening lotion into them.

Nails painting

Before starting to paint the nails with your favourite polish nail, separate fingers with the help of rolled cotton swab. It will prevent accidental painting the skin. It’s also possible to use special separators, made of sponge or foam. After such nails preparation for painting, put foundation on under the polish nail and wait until it dries. The next step is to paint the nails with chosen polish nail. Correct nail painting is one move of the brush. We start from its base, and then we are spreading the polish nail all over the plate surface. We gently remove all defects with ear bud, soaked in remover. When the polish nail dries, put next layer, which will prolong the durability and will intensify the colour. If you care about the gentle colour, you can resign from the second layer. At the end paint the nails with the transparent polish nail, or the special hardener which additionally gloss the polish nail. After painting, it’s the best to leave feet exposed for about 2 hours in order to have an absolute certainty that all layers of polish nail dried thoroughly and there won’t be need to improve anything.

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