7 accessories, which you must have in your closet

Posted: October 7th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Well-fitted accessories can change beyond all recognition every stylization. However, as we know, the fashion for details is changing and designers and stylists offer us something different in every season. However, there are some accessories, which you must have in your closet, because they will never go out of fashion and they will always be useful for you. We have prepared their list especially for you.

Daily bag

No woman can do without it. The bag, which will serve you the years should be made of durable material, for example natural leather. Preferably, if it has a simple, timeless style, which will match with everything and it should also have neutral colour. Also adjust its the size in accordance with your silhouette – tiny women should not choose large bags, and the more massive ones shouldn’t choose small bags.

Evening bag

Each of us goes out sometimes for parties or other occasions, in which you should look chic and elegant. In this situation, the small bag is invaluable bag – the best clutch bag, because this classic style occurred in the fashion world a long time ago and will remain there forever. Preferably, if the bag will be equipped in a belt or chain, so you can wear it both on the shoulder or in hand.


Belts are accessories, which you must have in your wardrobe, regardless of the figure, age or style of dressing. Thanks to them we can cleverly emphasize the strengths of the figure and hide it weak points. Both thin and wider belt will be useful. They should be solid, preferably made of leather, with a simple form, which without any problem will be match with every stylization.


Soft, large scarf is indispensable when the cold days are coming. Scarf is also extremely fashionable accessory, which diversify every stylization. It should be made of good quality fabric. Choose the colours, which will harmonize with the colours of your wardrobe.


Listing the accessories which you must have in your closet, it is impossible to not mention about stilettos. Every woman should have at least one pair, because women’s legs look great in them.

Court shoes

Essential are also decent, comfortable high heels, in which you will be going to work and for formal occasions. Preferably , if they will be made from natural leather, with the timeless fashion and with subdued colour.

Sports Shoes

Each of us needs sometimes to rest from towering stilettos, besides some occasions even require it – cycling trip, jogging, trip out of town, working in the garden. Besides, trainers, plimsoles and sneakers are super comfortable and fashionable! So you should have in your closet at least one pair.

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