6 ways to look fashionable during pregnancy

Posted: October 5th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

During pregnancy the women’s figure is changing, the extra pounds are added, so after a while it becomes necessary to buy new clothes. It’s important that maternity clothes shouldn’t be only practical and convenient, but also they should agree with the latest trends. Finally, the future mums also want to be fashionable. Here we present some ways to look fashionable during pregnancy.


Appropriately matched underwear is the foundation of good look. During pregnancy the breasts are growing, so it’s important to invest in a good bra, which will sustain and emphasize breast, not oppressing it. It’s the best to choose the sports models, made from gently, smooth, soft fabrics.

Show off your strengths

A round belly and full breasts are the reason to feel proud, so it doesn’t make sense to wear the bulky penitential bag. Choose the clothes, which will hide extra pounds and emphasize your value at the same time. Just ideal for mums are blouses, tunics and dresses cut off under the breast, in empire style, with the neckline in the V-shape.


Invest in a pair of well- fitting jeans, equipped with a pregnancy belt that will support your belly. It would be also good to have a pair of sleek, black trousers, if you’re a working mom, or you just like to look elegant. The flexible leggings also provide you the fashionable appearance during pregnancy.


The fashion favours future moms. Tunic is just ideal clothes for you. They are super comfortable, and they will help to hide the extra pounds. Set them together with leggings, jeans or tights.


You can obtain fashionable appearance during pregnancy, by diversifying the outfit with interesting accessories. It’s worth thinking about the elongated earrings, which visually slim the rounded face. An interesting pendant attracts attention to the whole breast.


Not only in towering high heels you can look super feminine and fashionable. Of course you can wear high heels, but not higher than 4 cm. The ideally solutions will be ballet pumps and moccasins, and if you want to add yourself a little bit of youth look, decide on fashionable trainers.

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