6 ways to improve the complexion appearance

Posted: October 14th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Unfortunately, with age the condition of our complexion inexorably is getting worse. It isn’t possible to stop this process, however it’s only possible to delay it with proper treatments and cosmetics. A lot of various factors, such as the stress, the tiredness, or weather conditions affect on your complexion. However, there are proven ways for improving the appearance of the complexion, which will cause, that your face will look fresh and young for the long time.


Daily drinking of the large amount of water affects well not only on your health, but also on your skin condition. Because it’s remove from the organism the toxins, which are harmful for skin. So drink at least 1.5 litre of water per day.


Competent washing the face, on the contrary isn’t so simple at all, but it’s very important for your complexion. Wash the face at least 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening. On no account leave not-washed make-up for the night. The best solution is to wash make-up off right after the return home. Thick make-up layer, left for long time, results in blocked leeks and pimples. Wash the face preferably with the cold water. It will improve the blood circulation.


It can seem weird, but your hairstyle has also influence on improving the complexion appearance. It’s, above all, about hair, falling on the face. If you are an amateur of fringes, it’ll be the best to pin them up from time to time. Fat, dust and dandruff set on the hair, even if there are not so much of them, affect unfavourably on your complexion.

Beauty treatments

Let yourself from time to time for the visit at the beautician, which will clean your face thoroughly. You have to choose a lot of different treatments, having the beneficial impact on your skin condition.


Above all, equip yourself in cream for day and for night. Night creams contain much more ingredients than the ones for day. It’s because at night, when you are sleeping, your skin is regenerating more quickly and cream is better absorbed . Apart from that, you need cosmetic for washing and cleaning the face. So choose the one, which is proper for your complexion type. Apply the face masks as often as possible. You don’t have to even buy them at drugstore, it will be sufficient to look into your own refrigerator, in search of fresh fruits, vegetables and other products, from which it’s possible to prepare the excellent face mask.


The sleep is very important for improving the complexion appearance. If you don’t get enough sleep, it will be seen on your complexion, which is equally tired, as you. If you don’t want to your skin would be wrinkled, matte, swell up and with ugly, grey colours, sleep at least 7 hours per day.

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