6 ways to consolidate makeup

Posted: December 25th, 2012 | Author: | Beauty

Surely you often meet such unpleasant surprise when you spend a lot of time preparing the perfect makeup, and when you walked out of the house, the make-up just drains from your face. In order to remedy such setback, we have created this article. Meet some simple ways to consolidate makeup.

6 ways to consolidate makeup

Cosmetics without fat

Clean your make-up bag and dispose of products containing silicone or fat which smear themselves and make it difficult for your skin to breathe. Instead, invest in a matte foundations, shadows and lipsticks.

Appropriate instruments

Prepare your makeup with a specially designed instruments. All of these brushes and sponges were created precisely for cosmetic application to stay comfortable and durable.


Once in a while take a deep cleansing scrub. Cosmetics holds up much better on thoroughly cleaned skin, so peeling is crucial when it comes to long lasting makeup.

Waterproof cosmetics

In extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow or heat, you might want to use cosmetics that are waterproof to prevent ugly black streaks on your face with mascara smudges or other such surprises.

Matting tissues

Matting tissues not only make your face less shiny, but also are a great way to consolidate makeup. Just that holding the tissue to your face. You will press the make-up and make it long lasting.


Few of us know that a good way to consolidate makeup is water vapor. Most of it is associate it with its destruction. Nothing could be further from the truth. You just have stay in a steamy bathroom for a while after applying make up. Thanks to this make-up connects to the skin and will hold much longer.

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