6 ways of applying make up for summer

Posted: October 15th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Summer is the time of rest not only for us, but also for our skin. So you need to care of it properly, to protect and liberate it from heavy makeup. This does not mean that you cannot use any cosmetics, on the contrary, the possibilities are numerous and every one of us can choose the most appropriate one for their summer make-up.


In summer a proper skin protection from the detrimental action of UV rays is very important. Therefore every one of us should get a cream with a filter, with the factor fitted to your sort of complexion. It is very important to spread it on the skin for about 15 minutes before exposing it to the sun.


During hot days it is generally speaking advisable to resign from undercoats and powders. Fluid flowing down across the cheek simply looks horrible. Therefore applying bronzing cream is a perfect alternative. It will give your complexion a golden shade, far more long-lasting than the one you would get from a powder. You can use a light concealer, in order to liquidate shadows under your eyes.

Eye shadows

Summer make-up should be light, so it’s better to avoid dark colours and to stay with light colours. This season light, but expressive colours are a hit, such as yellow, orange, green. In summer also natural colours look nice, such as beige, bronze, gold. For evening outings it is possible of course to lash out a bit. As far as the type of shadows is concerned, mineral, loose shadows or with a mousse consistency will be the best.

Dark markings around eyes

It is best to invest in a waterproof ink for eyelashes in order to avoid creating ugly, dark streaks on your face. However the best solution will be generally speaking to give up applying ink. For summer for women who do not have beautiful, dark eyelashes, henna is a perfect option. Henna will thoroughly darken eyelashes for about 4 weeks and will free you from trouble of painting eyelashes everyday and washing waterproof ink.


The skin on lips is unusually sensitive, so it needs care in summer. Getting a lipstick with a UV filter, or lubrication of lips or applying face cream on your lips is necessary. During hot days it is better to refrain from using heavy lipsticks and use light, juicy, fruit lipglosses instead.


Make-up for summer is wonderfully supplemented by using blusher across cheeks. Blusher appropriately matched to the sort of complexion will underline the shape of your face and will grant you a fresh, radiant appearance.

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