6 ways how to match the jewellery with the low-cut

Posted: October 9th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

We are often thinking, which jewellery choose for going out. Unfortunately, we rarely take into consideration the type of a low-cut. However, it turns out that it’s very important, if it’s comes to selection of appropriate trinkets. Get to know the following ways of matching the jewellery with the low-cut, and you will never again have a problem with the matching of the appropriate necklace.

Oval low-cut

Here, two types of necklaces will match. It can be the neckline with the chosen pendant, or a few strings of medium-length beads. A good choice will be also short beads, near by the neck, or long necklines.


Do you like shirts and shirt-blouses? The ideal solution for you, is it comes to matching the jewellery with the low-cut is elegant neckline. Its length isn’t important, but its appearance is. The elegant blouse requires elegant accessories.


Amateurs of the turtle necks should make friends with the longer jewellery. The string of beads, as well as a long necklace with the single pendant will present great.

Boat low-cut

Not to every low-cut the neckline matches. If you are going to put the blouse with the boat low-cut, you’d better decide on long earrings or the brooch.

Low-cut- wave

A perfect way to match the jewellery with the wave- type low-cut is short, distinct necklace, or longer, which is finished below the breast line. Such type of the blouse optically enlarge the breasts, and competently matched jewellery will underline it even better.

Low-cut- cheese

In this case, choose the short neck-chains, the best with gentle pedant. If you prefer to put beads on, choose those short, gentle, reaching the edge of the low-cut

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