6 ways for slim appearance

Posted: October 11th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

The slim and attractive appearance is a dream of every one of us. It turns out that backbreaking trainings and the diet aren’t needed to the small overweight become invisible. Following ways for slim appearance will be helpful in achieving of this goal.


As everybody knows, the dark colour is optically making look slimmer. If you don’t like “to fry” in the sun or in solarium, it’s worthwhile deciding on bronzing balsam or bronzer. The tan will be not only express, but also completely safe for our health. More and more popular is also spray tanning. The tan gained in this way will be kept on the body a few weeks.

Hair colour

It turns out that also the hair colour affects on the slim appearance. So it is worthwhile asking the hairdresser to make a few highlights for us. In this way, we optically make the face look slimmer.


People, who want to have a slimmer face, should avoid short hairs, particularly in the bob style. Curls and waves on the short hair will also add kilograms. Longer hair, falling lightly on the cheek will make the face look slimmer.


The proper underlining of face cheekbones will give a slim face appearance. For that purpose a rouge will be essential. Its colour should be matched with our kind of beauty.

Emphasizing of advantages

Every one of us has some advantage. Some of us has slim, shapely legs, tempting breasts and others have full, tempting mouth. Competent underlining of our advantages will cause that we will turn the attention away from our weak points.


The best and probably only solution for express slimming the body is selection of the appropriate outfit. Everything depends on which type of the figure we are representing. The general principle is avoid light or vivid colours, in the places where we have too much flesh. Vertical stripes and dark colours will provide the slim appearance.

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