6 ways for a young and radiant appearance of the skin

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The process of aging is unfortunately inevitable and irreversible, there are some ways to delay it a bit. Learn a reliable method to keep young and radiant looking skin.

how to care of skin

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First of all, take care of your menu. The beautiful appearance of the skin is supported by consuming large amounts of fruits and vegetables, foods rich in fiber and vitamins, especially A, C and E. However, the devastating effects on the appearance of your skin is attributed to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Reducing medications as much as possible is recommended. Is also necessary to drink plenty of non-carbonated mineral water, at least 1.5 liters a day. Thanks to this, you will perfectly cleanse the body of toxins and moisturize skin from the inside.


Regular workouts are a bliss for your skin. It’s up to you to decide what form of exercise you choose, but it’s important to train regularly.


Also, the amount of time we devote to rest, has an impact on the young and radiant looking skin. If possible, go to sleep and get up always at the same times, try to get enough sleep. Do not work too hard and avoid stress.

A weekend ritual

Not only you, but also your skin should be rested after a hard week. So if you’re off work, take the time to care for your skin. On Friday evening, thoroughly wash the makeup and take a long, relaxing bath. Then pat moisturizing creams and lotions on your skin. On Saturday, you can apply a nourishing mask, remembering to do a peeling before, so that cosmetic nutrients are best absorbed into the skin. On Sunday, use a relaxing massage. Take a bath with some essential oils, and massage into damp body again and again applying 2-3 coats of your favorite lotion.

Daily care in the morning

The key issue when it comes to young and radiant looking skin, is appropriate care. Morning care should proceed carefully and slowly. Wash your face with a light gel, and the use of cold water rinse. Not only does it help to get rid of sleepiness but also to strengthen your skin and improve blood circulation. At the end, pat lightweight, moisturizing cream. Then time for a shower. Use lukewarm water first to replace it at the end of the cold stream, which effectively stimulates your body.

Caring for the evening

In the evening, after a hard day, a long, relaxing bath will do you good. Thanks to it, you will relax muscles before going to sleep. You can prepare a special herbal tea bath with relaxing properties of lime flowers and hops.

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