6 trendy hairstyles to school

Posted: December 25th, 2012 | Author: | Beauty

Hairstyles to school should be modest and comfortable, yet fashionable. If you’re tired of ponytails and braids, consider any of our suggestions, and you’ll stand out from the crowd in the school hallway.

hairstyles to school


Bob-style haircut is fashionable and timeless, yet very comfortable. You can wear a simple bob with bangs combed to the side or you can give it up completely. This hairstyle in each variant will look good.


Before you decide on the haircut, think about whether it will fit your. Pageboy looks good only when worn by girls with delicate features. This hairstyle is very practical, it is suitable both for school and for the party.


Different types of buns are also very comfortable and trendy for school. Very trendy lately is the so-called “knot”. To tie it, your hair must be at least shoulder length. The longer the hair, the better the result. This hairstyle is very simple to do, so you can even prepare it if you are in a hurry.


Simple, smooth, combed and straight bangs came into fashion for good. This is a great option for hair to school, as it fits both straight hair, as well as wavy.


If you want to stand out from the crowd and emphasize your personality, appropriate haircuts for you are bold, asymmetrical cuts. They look good on both short and long hair.

Loose hair

If you do not like tied and pinned up hair, you can wear them loose. In this hairstyle you will look elegant if you wind the ends of thick hair on rollers or curling iron crank. You can also use a straightener or rub couple of drops of silk into them.

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