6 tips on how to dye your hair by yourself

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You don’t want to spend money on dyeing hair at hairdressers? And rightly so, since hair dyeing is simple. Just learn a few tips and you will not only save money, but also time.

how to dye your hair by yourself

Dye color

The most important thing is to choose the right shade of hair color. You should know that if you plan to change the color by more than 3 tones, then it is better to turn to a hairdresser. Otherwise, you can go ahead and dye your hair yourself. On the hair dye package you will find the necessary information, allowing you to determine if the color change is not too spectacular for you.

Applicator or brush?

If you decide on a single hair coloring, you will need an applicator. So better not to buy dyes, which will require the dilution of ingredients to spread the paint on the hair brush, which is quite cumbersome if you use it on your own head. It’s better to choose a dye applicator. The applicator is much more convenient and allows for precise distribution of the hair dye. Additionally it protects you against the risk of soiling your clothes, which will certainly take place, if you decide to brush.

Number of hair dye packages

If your hair does not go back farther than shoulder length and is not too dense and thick, you should use one hair dye product. In other cases, you should obtain two containers to avoid unpleasant surprises when suddenly while dyeing you run out of hair dye.

Allergy trial

Prior to hair dye, you need to perform allergy tests, even if you have previously used a similar product. Carefully study the brochure and see how to make such a trial, since not all of them look the same. In general, conduct the allergic test 48 hours before using the product.


If you have the right amount of paint packaging, proper shade, an applicator, you have performed an allergy test, you can begin to dye your hair. In preparation put a thick layer of cream on the face hairline. This will allow you to avoid any possible contamination of the skin. An absolute must is also the use of protective gloves that should be included in the hair dye product.

Dyeing time

The amount of time during which you should keep the dye on the hair is given in the manual that came with the package. Do not cut it, nor extend, if you want to achieve a satisfactory result.

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