6 tips how to get dressed to the beach

Posted: October 8th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

If we are planning the holidays at water, it’s very important to know how to get dressed and what take with oneself. The unsuitable dress on the beach will cause that we won’t be feeling comfortably. It is worthwhile learning, which things we should avoid, and which are useful in the place like beach.


The most important element of our beach outfit is appropriate swimsuit. It’s necessary, for that purpose, to observe our figure and estimate in which swimsuit we will be looking good. Pareo will hide wide hips or the protruding tummy. If you have got bigger belly, it’s better to decide on the one-piece swimsuit. Moreover, the dark colour is optically making look slimmer.


Extremely fashionable as well as useful element of the beach outfit is sidelong skirt. It doesn’t only look beautiful, but also protect our legs from burns.


The head protection against the solar radiation is very important. The sun beach isn’t a place, where it’s possible to show off with bareheaded without any anxieties. Appropriate headgear will help us to avoid danger of sunstroke.


Also big, capacious bag, made of light material is essential on the beach. It will contain our entire beach equipment, such as the towel, protective cosmetics, provisions and something to drink.


The most practical footwear in the place, which the beach is, are slides. Sand on the beach is very hot and walking without the footwear can turn out impossible. Appropriate slides should be so comfortable that any corns and scratches shouldn’t arise.


It’s better to avoid wearing the jewellery on the beach, because under the influence of the heat, the metal ornaments will heat up and it can lead to burns. If you feel naked without jewellery, you should better decide on superfashionable, wooden accessories.

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