6 tips for a healthy meal at work

Posted: February 12th, 2013 | Author: | Health Care

In the daily rush we often lack the time to prepare a meal for work. In general, we tend to grab some unhealthy snacks that have a negative effect on our health and contribute to obesity. Meet some ways to a healthy meal at work that will help you not only calm down hunger, but also save time and money.


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Super healthy snack to work are sliced fresh vegetables, such as carrots, and peppers. They will add you force and they are a source of vitamins. Moreover, they are very easy to prepare, just spend 5 minutes before leaving for work.


A rich and tasty source of vitamins are fruits. Great idea for a healthy meal at work is plain yogurt with fresh fruit. If you lack the time to prepare a yoghurt, throw muesli into it with the addition of dried fruit.


In general, salads are delicious, healthy and nutritious way to satisfy hunger at work. They can be both made of fruit and vegetables, with the addition of chicken, ham, and pasta, it all depends on your culinary preferences. You should also add bran to your salad as they are a rich source of fiber. Do not put a lot of heavy dressings or mayonnaise, it is best to pour the yoghurt salad.


Sandwiches are also a good way for a healthy meal at work. It would be best if you opt out of white bread and buns for a healthy, whole-wheat or rye bread. Ideally it will be a blend of fresh, lean ham and vegetables.


Regardless of the time you spend at work, it is very important that you ate meals quite regularly. Preferably every 3-4 hours. If you restrain yourself too long before eating, it may have a bad effect not only on your well-being, but also the performance at work.


Remember to always take to work a bottle of still mineral water. If your time allows it, a great idea is to squeeze the juice from the fruit.

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