6 steps of proper hair straightening

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Thanks to a straightener you can quickly and easily make your hair smooth and elegant by straightening any locks.It is worth knowing, however, how to correctly straighten your hair out in order to fully achieve the intentional effect.

Choosing the straightener

On the market there are many kinds of straighteners, they usually serve us very long, so it isn’t worth economizing on them. One should choose such a straightener which will not only provide a spectacular hairstyle for us, but also won’t be damaging the gentle structure of hair. It is necessary to pay attention to, what tiles of the straightener are made off. It’s best if it’s Teflon, or ceramic/tourmalic. For the sake of our hair you may choose a straightener which additionally will moisten it. Such properties are typical for straighteners equipped with the container with water which over the course of straightening turns into steam under the influence of warmth and permeates the structure of hair. There are also special models which are used to straigthen your hair while wet.


Before straightening, one should wash hair thoroughly. Apply the shampoo appropriate for your type of hair. You can also make this even easier by a choosing smoothing shampoo. Straightening hair out will be then far faster and simpler.


Irrespective of how safe your straightener is, while straightening your hair is exposed to thehighest temperature, so their adequate protection is very important. At chemists special protective beauty treatments are available, intended specially for the hair straightening procedure. These cosmetics are not only protecting the structure of your hair, but also are enhancing the work of the straightener.


Before you straighten out your hair, comb your hair thoroughly and divide it into thin streaks. For that purpose pinning up them with small buckles will be of help.


It is best to begin straightening with hair underneath, on the neck, gradually moving by side parties, towards your face. moving the straightener from the root of hair, until its ends, carefully not to irritate the scalp. Movements of the straightener should be rather gentle and smooth, one should avoid holding the device for too long in one place in order not to burn your hair.


One should finish straightening hair out with proper consolidation of the hairstyle, because various factors can make our entire work wasted to nothing. Gently comb straightened hair and administer some of fixing cosmetics.

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