6 steps of preparing a gothic make up

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If you fancy the style of the Goths, i.e. light complexion, black hair, gothic clothes and you want to be like that be sure to read the following advice. You will learn it step by step, how to prepare gothic makeup.

gothic make up

Light foundation

Find a foundation that will be about 2-3 tons lighter than your skin. Better yet, if it is not too white, as this can be too theatrical. Apply the foundation carefully and thoroughly, to the hairline, do not avoid neck and mouth area.

Light powder

Take the thick brush and apply bright powder to face and neck. It should be in a shade slightly lighter than your skin, more or less similar to that which was used for your foundation.

The contour of the eye

Gothic makeup should strongly emphasize the eyes. Use black or purple graphite pencils and eyeliners to draw it on the upper and lower eyelid. The thickness of the line depends on your discretion, but be sure to rub it lightly.

Eye shadows

Choose from a palette of dark, black or purple shadows. Start with a lighter shade in the inner corner of the eye, to the darkest in the outer. Apply a dark shadow on the eyelids area. Gently rub the borders between shadow sponge or a finger.


With such a strong eye makeup, it is also necessary to emphasize intense eyelashes. Apply at least three layers of mascara.


Lips should be painted with dark lipstick. It can be red, purple, and even black. Lipstick should have long durability. Emphasize lip contour liner in the same shade.

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