6 steps for effective eyebrows makeup

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It is said that eyebrows are the frame for the eyes. By means of a few simple solutions for eyebrows make-up we can cause our “frame” will look beautiful and impressive, and in addition it takes away a few years.


No make-up does improve the look of too bushy or too much depilated eyebrows. Therefore, before we proceed to make up, we have to pluck the eyebrows ourselves, or use the beautician help, what would be the best choice if we do it for the first time.

Emphasis by eyeliner

If the accident by eyebrows regulation occurs, or we just want to emphasize the shape and color of the eyebrows, the best choice is the colored crayon. You should choose this one, which is suitable your eyes’ frame . People with the light frame certainly should not use black crayons. The most natural effect give brown or gray. We brush the eyebrows down, and then with a well-sharpened crayon you draw several lines from bottom to the top between the hairs. Then you can brush the hairs up – and it’s done. However, remember not to cross the eyebrows “contours” . Too thick line makes eyebrows make-up look very unnatural.


Not only the hair that we have on the head should be brush in order to look good. Sometimes the proper way of eyebrow brushing can take away a few years. We brush the eyebrow with special little combs or brushes, or you can do it by using an ordinary comb with very fine cloves. We brush the hair always up. If we do this properly, our face will look younger and more cheerfully.


If we are intent on consolidate the shape of our eyebrows, we can invest a few pounds in appropriate gel or conditioner. Such formulations have a task to not only consolidate the effect, but also nourish and strengthen the hairs.


If we want to achieve a more lasting effect of eyebrow coloring, we can try to dye them with henna. In this way we save the time required for daily eyebrows makeup. For the first time, it is better to use the help of the beautician. You can also try to dye them yourself, but it need to practice to the effect came out perfectly. Well applied henna lasts up to 6 weeks.

Permanent makeup

A long lasting effect gives us permanent makeup. This is the type of tattoo that is done by means the herbal agents not chemicals and they are introduced shallower than a traditional tattoo. This type of eyebrows makeup gives us the opportunity to improve the defects of the eyebrows and removes the need of daily makeup. We must however take into account the costs, if you are intent on natural and permanent result.

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