6 solutions for sunburns

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Many of us love to tan, however not everybody makes it cautiously. Staying long on the sun and not applying the proper protection can result in burns. The sunburns are very painful, besides hazardous for health. But if you already catch this severe problem, learn, what to do in order to get rid of it.


The relief in pain will bring you a cold shower or cold bath. Additionally, you can add to the bath a little bit of green tea. During such bath, it’s better not to use soap, because you irritate the protective skin layer and pain will intensify. Choose the soft, cream shower gel instead of it.


The old, tested solution for sunburns are kefirs, yoghurts, the curdled milk or the cream. You should rub the places in which the burns appeared with the chosen product and leave such a compress for about 20 minutes, until it dries. Rinse it with the cold water.


The aloe compress brings excellent effects. You can buy aloe gel in the pharmacy, and even better, if you have a fresh aloe in the flowerpot at home. Cut a few stalks, squeeze the juice from them and rub aching places with it. The fresh juice brings better results, than agents, bought in the pharmacy.

Mint tea

The compress with mint tea is an excellent solution for sunburns. Brew a few small bags, chill infusion in the refrigerator and soak the compress with it. Put it to scalded places.


Don’t forget about fighting pain from the inside. Take the aspirin or the ibuprofen, they will soothe the pain and an inflammatory condition.


If you have a sunburns, you must wear as loose clothes as possible. They should not adhere to the skin, because it will irritate the burns.

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