6 pieces of advice how to choose appropriate antiperspirant

Posted: October 14th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care, Cosmetics

Every one of us doesn’t feel comfortably with large stains from sweat under arms on the blouse. However, it won’t be sufficient to reach for any antiperspirant in order to remedy the problem. Get to know, which antiperspirant is the best for you.


Avoid choosing the antiperspirant with the contents of alcohol. It firmly dry the sensitive skin, being under arms, as well as irritates it, particularly, if we use antiperspirant right after armpits depilation.


Before the purchase of antiperspirant, check absolutely, whether it leaves stains on clothes. Unfortunately, a lot of products have this disadvantage, that after using them and putting clothes on, we discover ugly white, or what is worse dark, fat streaks, which are quite difficult to remove, especially, if we have to go out right now.


Antiperspirant in the stick is very comfortable in the use and is drying quickly. The roll-on deodorant is drying unfortunately a bit longer. It’s also possible to decide on cosmetic in spray, which also is drying quickly, but it takes much more space and is quite unhandy. There are also antiperspirants in cream. They are drying a bit more quickly, than the roll-on deodorants and apart from that they contain moistening substances, which are very important for the sensitive skin under arms. If you need fast refreshing, choose the stick, because it will be possible at once to put clothes on. In drugstores , special antiperspirant tissue are also available, and it’s worthwhile always having them on you.


If you are sweating really heavily, it’s better to give up going to the drugstore in order to buy antiperspirant. You will find the appropriate remedy for yourself in the pharmacy. It’s necessary to use such remedies, strictly obeying the rules, included in the instruction, otherwise it’s possible to get allergic reactions.


If you are using perfumes, it’ll be better to choose odourless antiperspirant or with the very gentle fragrance. Otherwise the smells will “quarell” and the effect can be less pleasant for the nose. However, if you don’t use perfumes, you can decide on more firmly smelling cosmetic, which can even replace the perfumes. It’s worthwhile knowing that the producers often put the entire aromatic lines out and perhaps it’s possible to select appropriate antiperspirant to your perfume.


In the drugstore, you will get also an natural antiperspirant, containing in its composition a lot of plant extracts and the chemical additions and preservatives are limited to the essential minimum. It’s worthwhile deciding on such cosmetic. Perhaps, just natural antiperspirant will help you to deal with the hidrosis.

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