6 Pieces of advice how to care for suede shoes

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Suede is a very beautiful, but also delicate material. That is why, it’s necessary to care properly for the shoes made of suede in order to enjoy its appearance for longer. How to care for suede shoes? It’s very simple, here are some proven, home ways.

A solution of milk and soda

First, thoroughly clean the shoes from dust and mud with a soft bristle brush. Then prepare a solution: teaspoon of baking soda per cup of milk. Clean the shoes with clean, soft cloth, lightly moistened with a solution. Finally, wipe them with cloth, moistened with water and leave the shoes to dry. When they dry, use the brush with medium bristles to clean.


Even our grandmothers knew how to care for suede shoes. They have used to it the crusts. You also check out this old, proven method and you’ll be surprised at the result. We clean the shoes with the inside part of the crust. It is very important that the bread was not fresh, but at least 2- day. The method is ideal for small stains.


The warm milk is also a great way to remove stains from suede shoes. Just drip the sponge with it and gently wipe the shoes.


It turns out that dried mud can be easily removed even with the ordinary rubber. How to care for suede shoes with rubber? It’s childishly’ simple – we gently rub the dry shoes with rubber, and the mud will crumble out.

Water vapor

Water is also suitable for cleaning suede shoes, but not in liquid form. The best solution is a pot of boiling water, over which you put your shoes. Then just wipe off dirt with a dry soft cloth.

Potato flour

Your suede shoes are disfigured by ugly, greasy stains? Sprinkle the stains with potato flour and put the shoes away for night in order to fat could sink in flour. On the next day, shake off the flour and clean the shoes with brush.

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