Lettuce mask to alleviate dry, tired and irritated skin

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Dry, tired and irritated skin is a problem of many women.


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The recipe for the lettuce mask to alleviate dry, irritated and tired skin

To prepare masks with lettuce you will need the following ingredients:
thoroughly washed green lettuce leaves
juice from one lemon,
a few drops of olive oil

How to use mask

Mask of lettuce perfectly soothes irritation. This mask is very good for dry and tired skin. If it contains no vinegar, it can also work well on oily or semi-oily skin. To prepare the mask, lettuce leaves should be washed, then grab the tiny pieces with your hands, knead a few drops of lemon juice and olive oil. You can even grind the lettuce leaves in a blender. Such a mask needs to be applied on the face and the whole covered with wet gauze. The compress must be removed after 20 minutes and your face washed with lukewarm, boiled water. Lettuce mask is very good for young girls, as well as for mature women. It can be used all year round.

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