6 home solution for sore throat

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Certainly each of us had a lot of time the contact with this unpleasant disease. A sore throat can really make the life unpleasant. However, there are a lot of simple, home ways to deal with this disease. It’s worthwhile getting to know a few of them.


Gargling certainly isn’t the most pleasant actions, but is unusually effective, if it comes to fight against a sore throat. A sage infusion will certainly bring you relief. It has anti-inflammatory and disinfecting action. In order to prepare infusion, you will need a leaf of the sage, a mint leaf, a basket of the camomile, a marigold flower. Pour three teaspoons of these herbs with bowling water and brew about 20 minutes. Gargle with such infusion several times a day, and you will certainly quickly find relief.

Beets juice

It is also possible gargle the throat with the juice of beets. If you don’t have fresh vegetables, you can use concentrate. Mix the glass of the juice with one tablespoon of the vinegar or apple. Gargle with the prepared mixture as often as possible.

Water with the salt

A simple rinse for sore throat is solution of water with the salt. We add one teaspoon of the salt for the glass of water. We gargle 3-4 times a day.

Onion syrup

The onion syrup won’t help you to get rid of only sore throat, but also cough, which often accompany it. Slice 2-3 onions and arrange them in the jar in layers, separating each layer from oneself with tablespoon of the sugar. Twist the jar and leave for a few hours in the warm place. Take one tablespoon of the syrup 3 times a day. To the syrup you can also add honey and the lemon.


If a sore throat troubles you, it’s very important to drink a lot of liquids. Beneficial effects brings the tea with raspberry juice and honey. An infusion of lime, of flowers of the black elder, ginger compote, grapefruit, orange juice, water with a splash of lemon also brings you relief. In order to prepare compote from the ginger, you’ll need about 5 cm of ginger root. Cut it into thin slices and pour with the glass of water. Cook it about 20 minutes on the small fire. Add the tablespoon of honey to strained compote. 2 times a day drink warm liquid. Proven, grandma’s solutions is also to drink warm milk with honey.


Take care, that in room, in which you stay, will be the appropriate humidity. If you don’t have a humidifier, just put the wet towel to the warm radiator.

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