5 ways to protect your hair from the sun

Posted: October 21st, 2012 | Author: | Haistyle

In summer your hair does not have an easy life. Blazing sun destroys their delicate structure. Therefore, adequate protection of hair from the sun is very important for their health. Here are some proven ways to maintain a beautiful and healthy looking hair in the summer.


Cosmetics with UV filter protect hair from fading and losing colour. Such cosmetics also contain moisturizing ingredients which gently moisture your hair. Filters alone will not prevent hair from drying, their job is to protect the color.


Wear hats or scarves to adequately protect hair from the sun. It is best to choose dark and thick fabrics that absorb more harmful rays.


During the summer you should wash your hair more often because the scalp is sweating faster. Therefore it is very important for health of your hair to select shampoos designed for sensitive skin. Washing your hair daily with a usual shampoo will unnecessarily over-dry your scalp.

Mists and oils

Ideal protection from sun is offered by special hair care products. They moisturize and strengthen your hair, without burdening them. In summer they can replace styling cosmetics. In summer it’s better to give up dyes and foams, which draw moisture from the hair. A safer bet is for modern nanoemulsions that form on the surface of the hair a non-greasy, protective film.

A cold shower

During hot weather, not only our skin needs to cool down, but also our hair. Cold water will strengthen the scalp and close the hair cuticles. Hence they will be more flexible and shiny.

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