5 ways to improve the shape of the eye with makeup

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Not every one of us has perfect, almond-shaped eyes. But even those women who were not so lucky, do not need to despair. Improving the shape of the eye is possible by using a pencil or eyeliner, and only three types of eye shadow. It is a matte, close to your skin shade foundation, a slightly darker shade and brightening modeling shadow.

improve the shape of the eye with makeup

Round eyes

If your eyes are round, preferably you will look at the so-called Egyptian makeup. Thanks to this, you will emphasize the corners of the eyes. Draw a dark eye pencil, taking care not to bold lines in the central part of the eyelid. Apply shadow modeling depressions along the eyelid and spread it slightly beyond the outer corner. The inner corner of your eye should be treated with brightening shadow. Cover eyelashes accurately.

Narrow eyes

To round off the line of a narrow, elongated eye, lead a line so that it is thickest in the middle of the upper eyelid. When it comes to the lower eyelid, draw a line from the middle of the eyelid towards the outer corner. Be careful not to merge the two lines together. In the middle of the eyelid distribute an illuminating shade. Cover the eyelashes in the middle of the eyelid.

Small eyes

When it comes to small eyes, a suitable way to improve the shape of the eye using makeup would be to draw quite a thin line from the middle of the upper eyelid and take it slightly beyond the outer corner. You can gently curl it up. On the lower lid, draw a line on the 1/3 of its length, towards the outer corner. Apply shadow modeling on eyelid hollows. In the outer corner of the eye color should be darker. Under the eyebrow and eyelid distribute the illuminating shade. For eyelashes, apply two layers of mascara extender.

Eye with falling upper eyelid

If your eye has a heavy, sloping top lid with nearly invisible moving part of the eye, it is better to forget about lines. However, you can use a white pencil on the inside of the lower lid, thanks to this you will “open” the eye. Along the lines of the eyelid apply matte shadow modeling. Rub it thoroughly. Brightening shadow should be applied near the brows. Apply mascara with fattening properties to eyelashes.

Convex eyes

Use an eyeliner to draw a clear, thick line, not extending it to the outer corner. Modeling shadow should be used on the movable part of the eyelid and under the lower lashes area. Apply brightening shadow to the eyebrow. Gently cover lashes.

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