5 ways to hide the lack of waistline

Posted: October 7th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Mother Nature has not endowed you in sexy wasp waist? Don’t worry, there are very simple, fashion tricks , thanks to which you very quickly conjure it up. Get to know reliable ways to hide the lack of waistline.

Loose top

Wear the simple tunics, blouses, shirts and tops, which will be loose enough to not fit tightly your body. Just hide your waist behind them.

Empire style

Love blouses and dresses cut off under the breast. They’re not only the great ways to hide the lack of waistline. They also emphasize the breast, expend it visually.

Women’s jacket

Start wearing jackets with the cut fitted in the waist. Thus, the curves of the hips will be nicely highlighted and thanks to it you’ll gain the waistline.


Wear loose fitting blouses made of heavy material and tie it in the waist with wide belt. A good idea is also wearing a belt in a bright, intense colour on the hips – it will expand them and thus waist will look narrower.

Envelope cut

The great ways to hide the lack of a waistline are blouses and dresses with v-neckline. Preferably, they were tied at the waist. This cut also nicely emphasize the breast.

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