5 ways to decorate the short nails

Posted: October 12th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

If you can’t have long nails, or you just don’t like them, it doesn’t mean that you must quit decorating them. On the contrary, appropriately emphasized short nails can also be incredibly elegant and sexy. So get to know a few ways for decorating short nails in order to enchant everyone with their appearance.


Even very short nails have often inclination for splitting. In order to prevent them, you must provide the appropriate dose of vitamins. Treat yourself from time to time the nourishing nails treatment, soaking them in the warm olive oil with the addition of the lemon.

File the nails

Invest in a good nail file. It must be fine-grained so that it doesn’t damage delicate nail plate. We can file the nails according to the taste in oval or square shape.


If it comes to the short nails decorating, the real hit is a polish nail with vivid colours. Red is always very trendy, you can also let yourself for deep amaranth. If you are courageous, paint your nails with the fluorescent yellow or the orange. Remember that the colour of your nails should match to the outfit.


On the market are special polish nails equipped with the thin brush, enabling to make the patterns. The patterns don’t have to be quite complicated, even one thin strip will cause that your nails will look interestingly. You can also decide on recently fashionable polish nail, forming artistic splits on the nail surface.


The next way for decorating short nails are special stickers. It’s a simple and fast method, if you don’t like or you don’t have time to paint your own patterns. You have to choose a lot of patterns and colours. If the crazy patterns aren’t in your style, you can decide on unusually elegant zirconia.

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