5 Ways to choose the dress for body type

Posted: October 5th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

The dress is the most feminine part of clothing, so it can’t run out of it in your closet, especially in the coming, summer season. Choosing the appropriate creations. Do not follow only the fashion and size. That dress is in your size, doesn’t mean that it fits you. Discover the proven ways for choosing the dress for body type.

Wide hips

Do you think you have too many inches in circumference of the hips? Cleverly chosen cut of dress will effectively suppress it! The most appropriate for you will be simple dresses with flared bottom. The good news is that just such creations in retro style are now the rage! Choose also loose-flowing dresses below the waist, preferably of the soft material such as silk. Low neckline will divert attention from the heavy bottom.

For fluffy women

The ideal solution for women, who have more fat, is flared dress cut off at the waist, which will nicely divide the figure into two parts. Please note that the dress should have a simple cut and shouldn’t fit to the body too much. You can additionally emphasize the waist with a belt. Avoid the knee- length dresses.

Small breasts

In fact, the most of dresses cuts look the best on the ladies with small breast. However, if you want your breast look larger, the best way for choosing the proper dresses for your body type is a creation in the Empire style, i.e. cut off under the breast. The Bottom of the dress should be airy and the top should be tight. Such a cut will allow visually conjure up bigger breasts. Besides, a good idea will be a dress with V-neck and all the ruffles, folds and draperies around the breast.

Petite figure

If you have rather tiny, girlish posture, focus on showing the legs. In your case, the long dresses aren’t the best solution. You can wear without worry mini dresses, additionally extending the silhouette with high-heels or wedges. Virtually every cut will be good for you, however, you should avoid mid-calf length – it optically shortens the figure! Beware of too “sweet” cuts, which can make you look like a little girl.

Unattractive legs

If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your legs, the perfect way for choosing the dress for your body type are the almost ground-lengths outfits. In this summer the boho style is very trendy. So we recommend long, delicate, patterned dresses in soft, pastel colours.

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