5 ways of applying a concealer

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Even if we possess a perfect complexion, there are days when it is not in the best condition, for example, after an illness, a broken night or a stressful day. A concealer that effectively suppresses any imperfections is very helpful in such cases. Not all of us know, however, how to apply a concealer in order to achieve the best effect. Here are a few ways.

applying a concealer

Broken capillaries

If your skin is riddled with unsightly broken capillaries or if it is prone to redness, you can use a simple trick. It consists in adding blue and green shadows to the concealer. You can also buy a green concealer at the drugstore. Do not be afraid of green spots on your face. The color disappears in conjunction with a red tint of the skin.


Applying a concealer for pimples is best after drying them with warm air from the dryer. Then take a brush and apply the concealer on the red area around the pimple. Apply loose powder on the borders, gently kneading the pimple. In this way the pimple becomes invisible and the effect will be strengthened by the powder for several hours.

Freckles and blemishes

It is best to forget about covering freckles, because they are cute decoration on the face. But other spots and discolorations can be disguised only if it is absolutely necessary. It demands a great deal of concealer and you can get counterproductive effects – i.e. placing more focus on the shortcomings. The fluid concealer will be best for covering up discolorations. Moisten the skin carefully before using it. Without proper hydration the correction will be absorbed more slowly and it will be visible. Then distribute the concealer on the face carefully. Finally, in order to enhance the effect, gently apply powder on your face.

Dark circles under the eyes

If you suffer from the unsightly shadows under your eyes, creamy concealer will be the best solution for you. Loose powder will not only fail to cover up the shadows completely, but also unnecessarily enhance the wrinkles under the eyes. Applying the concealer is best preceded by the imposition of silky primer containing silicone, which smoothes and moisturizes the skin. It is best to apply the concealer under your eyes with a brush, with kneading movements.

Scars and marks

If you have a problem with scars and moles on the face, reach for a concealer with a lot of pigment. Before applying the concealer, apply a mattifying primer for imperfections. Then very carefully distribute the concealer. Sprinkle everything with a matting powder.

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