5 ways for the prolonged hair care

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Prolonging is a simple and fast method for ideal long and beautiful hair. However, such hair requires the mindful care, otherwise you will not be able to be delighted with them too long. So get to know the following ways in order to prolonged hair care proceed easily and correctly.


Before every hairs washing you have to brush them very precisely, the best with brush of natural bristle. However, remember to brush the hair carefully, gently, you absolutely can’t pull them. Brush the hair, beginning from ends and gradually move the brush upwards.


A proper prolonged hair care is to wash them with lukewarm water. If you will use too warm water, you will dissolve the carnityne and cause that hair case will open, what supports the hair tangling. Also remember to not wash the prolonged hair the head down. In this way you will burden the scalp. You can’t also tatter the hair while washing. The best way is to gently move the hands with shampoo over them, top-down. Apart from that, take into account, that the prolonged hair won’t become greasy. Too frequent washing will dry them very much. During washing, concentrate more on the hairs by the scalp.


Don’t apply the conditioner in joining’s areas, because it can get inside. In this way you risk that strand will become detached. So avoid the rings areas and after applying the conditioner, wash it off thoroughly.

After washing

Under no circumstances brush wet hair. If they are tangle, brush it gently with your fingers. The proper prolonged hair care after washing is to knead them through towel. Don’t tatter wet hair with a towel, as you were in habit, when you’d had on your head just your natural hair. Also avoid the use of hair-dryers. After all, the prolonged hair are already dry, what for do you want dry them up even more? If only the time allows you, let the hair dry naturally. Lightly wet, washed hair spray with liquid silk. It will perfectly smooth the hair and facilitate brushing them.

Hair style

If the prolonged hair are made of natural bristles, you can spin, straighten and dye them with no fear. Just be careful with straighteners and curler in the the joining’s areas. The warmth of these devices can easily damage them. After using of straightener or curler, it’s necessary to treat the hair with silk or wax in order to moisturize and shine them.

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