5 tips to select trousers for body type

Posted: October 21st, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Fashion trousers should be tailored to our profiles, and not to the currently prevailing fashion trends. However, appropriate selection of trousers for body type is not an easy task. For the undecided we come with the following advice.

Extended trouser legs

So-called “bell-bottoms” are usually of low status, are fitted in the thighs and extend starting from the knee. They fit basically every woman and are an ideal option for women with wide hips. This kind of cutmakes them become optically thinner. In addition the length of the trousers visually extends the length of lengs.

Wide trouser legs

Wide trouser legs are a good solution for women with large thighs and calves. Such trousers are extended from the top and stylized like fashion of the 70s. Their drawback is that they reduce the optical upper body, so they are recommended for rather tall women.

Narrow trouser legs

Not all of us can wear drainpipe trousers, because this cut emphasizes the figure. It is therefore ideal for women with a more slender silhouette. These trousers will definitely not look good for ladies with wide hips.

Straight trouser legs

Trousers with straight legs fit, in principle, any figure. Corpulent women, however, should remember to wear high boots to them.

3/4 trouser legs

”Shortish trousers” are a great solution for women with nicely shaped calves and ankles. Such a style visually shortens your legs, so it’s advisable to wear high-heeled shoes.

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