5 tips on how to properly paint the eyes

Posted: December 24th, 2012 | Author: | Beauty

Proper eye makeup can work wonders, depending on the occasion it provides sensuality, elegance, attracts attention. You do not need to attend the expensive make-up courses to learn how to paint your eyes correctly. Just read the following tips.

how to properly paint the eyes

Daily make-up

Daily make-up should be fresh and delicate, almost invisible. While painting in the morning, remember that the less the better. Just gently cover up imperfections and emphasize what nature gave us. Colors suitable for daytime makeup include natural colors, preferably bright and matte.

Evening make-up

Here you can have a splurge. You have a choice of almost the entire range of colors, provided that the colors that you choose are suitable for your type of beauty. Eye shadows can or even should be shiny, glitter and eye-catching.

Small eyes

Properly painted eyes, which are small or deep-set, first of all involves clear shadows. Choose the color that will highlight your color of the iris. You can also use a simple trick that will “open up” your eye. Just apply white eyeliner to the inside of the lower eyelid. You see the difference, don’t you? It is better to avoid dark eye pencil tracing. You should curl eyelashes with eyelash curler and thoroughly cover them up.

Makeup consolidation

To make the shadows even more lasting, remember to put on a good eye cream, and then, after the absorption of cosmetics, spread a small amount of foundation or concealer on the eyelids. In this way the shadows will hold on the eyelid much longer.

Emphasize the shape of the eye

If you want to correct the shape of your eye, eyeliner would be reliable for this purpose. This is a wonderful beauty product, however, it requires a bit of practice in its use. Eyeliner must be used in a precise way, creating thin lines. It is, however, worth familiarizing yourself with the art of painting lines on the eyelid, because they can achieve true miracles when it comes to eye makeup.

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