5 tips how to wear stilettos

Posted: October 5th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

The stilettos nearby diamond are the best friends of women. They make the feet become more shapely and longer, they magnetize male gazes. However, only a few of us were born with the ability to walk in high heels. For the other, we have the following tips how to wear stilettos.


The learning of walking in high heels we start already in the store, during their selection. It’s very important that your shoes were stable and well-profiled. Trying on the stilettos, check, whether you don’t stoop or bend to back, or ankle are not wobble from side to side. Preferably, the chosen stilettos should have straps around the ankle, which stabilizes the foot and help you to walk in them. Pay also attention if their inner liners are made of natural leather – the feet won’t sweat so much, and thereby slip. For a start, you’d better don’t hitch your wagon to the star and choose a lower and wide-set heel. When you will already feel more confident, you can replace them with higher.


Before you start learning how to wear stilettos, equipped yourself in appropriate, auxiliary accessories. The gel insert is a real boon for lovers of stilettos. Thanks to them, the weight of the body is evenly arranged, feet do not get tired and will not slip. In the shoe stores you can get inserts adapted to each type of footwear.


Before you even begin to walk in the stilettos, take the right posture. Pull in your stomach, stick out your chest and pull down the shoulder blades. Don’t slouch, and try to stand straight.


Don’t try to walk like a model on the catwalk. Putting the steps, try to keep the feet close together. Remember, your steps will be much smaller than those in sports shoes or ballet pumps. Try to move with grace, gently wigging with hips. But don’t overdo with this wigging because it might look pretty funny. If you can, walk before a large mirror, or record the video, to see how you are moving.


Practice as much as possible, both at home and outside. However, remember that your first walk shouldn’t last too long. Running all day in high heels around the town, or all night party can be very painful. Generally, you shouldn’t wear stilettos all day, because it’s unhealthy for your feet. Book this special shoes for special occasions.

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