5 the most fashionable styles of dresses for summer 2012

Posted: October 5th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Summer is knocking at the door. So it’s worth to already think about your summer wardrobe. In your closet can’t run out of women’s, summer outfits. We present the most fashionable styles of dresses for summer 2012.

Dress with a train

Train is the hottest trend of this season. Mini dress , which definitely extends on the back is a great way to expose the long, shapely legs. The train should be preferably made of soft, airy material such as chiffon. If wearing of long trains doesn’t appeal to you, you can decide on a dress, in which the back will be only slightly longer than the front.


Boho is a style just perfect for summer. The dresses in Boho style are characterized by lightness, patterned and colour. If it comes to colour, it’s the best to bet on the most fashionable in this summer pastels. The dress in Boho style looks the most effective if it’s long, expansive and airy. Although, they reach the ground and hide the legs, such creations looks really impressive. It’s an ideal style for a woman with romantic and artist soul.


Listing the most fashionable styles of dresses for summer 2012, it isn’t possible to not mention the extremely charming schoolgirl. It’s very feminine cut in retro style, which will fit both young girls and mature women. A characteristic feature of this dress is very fashionable in this season detail – collar. It should be, preferably, distinguished by colour or decoration. The most fashionable cut is tight-fitting one with flared, half-tight-length skirt.

Pencil Dress

This classic, elegant cut looks great on ladies with a rather wider hips. Pencil cut emphasizes the waist, exposes the hips and legs. The knee-length looks the best. The pencil dress, depending on the cut, colour and material of which it is made, is ideally for virtually any occasion – on a date, for party, wedding, or even to the office. The classic style never go out of fashion, so you don’t need to worry that the dress will no longer on top in the next season. Remember that with the pencil dresses match rather high shoes – high heels, or wedges.

Beach dress

If it comes to the most fashionable cuts of dresses for summer 2012, we should mention, which fashion will be dominate on the beach in this summer. Here, more important than cut is material – it should be light, airy and preferably translucent. The beach dress is a great and convenient alternative to scarves and pareos. The most popular are dresses tied at the neck or with the envelope straps, and the most fashionable colours of this summer are romantic pastels.


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