5 steps to dye the hair

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Self-change of hair color will save you time and money devoted to the hair-dressing salon. But you have to remember how the proper hair dyeing should look in order to coloring occurs correctly and won’t end with disaster.


The key to the proper and long-lasting color on the hair is to apply the hairdye on unwashed hair. The product penetrates better in the structure of hair and we can be sure that the effect will be satisfactory.

The proper receipt

It is important to select the formulation appropriate for our requirements. If we want a short-term effect, we reach for the coloring shampoo, but if we want to obtain permanent color, then we should decide on hairdye. You should also carefully study the label on the package with the hairdye. The best preparations are those which contain lots of protein and fat, which ensure that the steps of hairdyeing will be safer for them. Besides, to the good hairdyes always conditioner is attached . Also note that with the long hair, we should equip ourselves with two pack of hairdyes.


Before we start hairdying, we must carefully read the instructions attached to the package and find out how long we should keep the hairdye on the hair, and how to prepare a mixture. Only after all these preparations we start coloring. We put the gloves and we rub the skin at the hairline with oily cream in order to prevent its coloring. For skin prone to allergies, it is necessary to perform the test, it is the application of the small amount of hairdye on the skin. Only when we are sure that the product is safe for us, we begin to color.

The hairdye application

The next step of hair dyeing is to apply a previously prepared mixture on them. If it’s not a first dyeing, we start from the applying the hairdye on the hair’s roots and we hold it about 15 minutes, and then we apply the preparation for the entire length of the hair. Then we wait until the time prescribed in the instructions will go by.

The washing hairdye off

For the greater certainty, the hairdye should be washed twice with water with shampoo. Then we put on them enclosed conditioner in order to obtain strong and shiny hair.

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