5 steps to cover the pimples up

Posted: October 11th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Once in a while the unaesthetic pimples appear on the face of every one of us. Hiding them isn’t a simple task. However, if we put into use the following pieces of advice step by step, covering pimples up will become a piece of cake.

Washing the face

To the complexion with the tendency to pimples the best is to use antibacterial gel. The face should be washed gently. Don’t rub it, because it’ll lead only to the propagation of pimples. Particular attention should be paid to surroundings, where many sebaceous glands occur (forehead, nose, chin)


The face cream should be used regularly. If we apply make-up directly on the face, we increase of making imperfection on the skin. The best way is to use cream with the UV filter, which additionally protect the skin against the detrimental action of ultraviolet rays. Moreover, it is worthwhile using cream or the stick against pimples, which we apply point-wise to skin efflorescence.


Covering pimples up doesn’t mean putting on the face the thick layer of the powder. On the contrary, you can’t exaggerate with foundation in places, touched by pimples, because we will pay attention on them even more. We apply the foundation evenly, with circular moves.


We apply a little bit of green equalizer on the fingertip and we cover the pimple with it. The equalizer should unite with foundation. The green equalizer changes the colour in combination with the blushing.


The last step of this process is to cover the pimples up with powder, sprinkling the face with loose powder. We apply it evenly with the make-up brush. Loose powder will cause that make-up will retain on its place all day.

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