5 steps to apply rouge on the cheeks

Posted: August 17th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

A lot of women do not appreciate this cosmetic, and it turns out that it can do real miracles, in terms of face appearance. However, you should know how the applications of the rouge on the cheeks should look like in order to obtain beautiful and natural effects.


One of the most important things is to choose a color that will be suitable for our beauty type. The best color is such one, which our cheeks take after intense exercise, or in the cold. Just pat the cheek and observe their natural shade. Another way is to choose the rouge shade similar to your lip color. To light lips fit pink and peach and to dark lips fit apricot and even shades of red.


It depends mainly on skin type. For oily and combination skin the best is powdery rouge. The liquid or gel cosmetics also works. Ideal for dry skin is rouge in cream.


The rouge is usually the last step of make-up application. However, there is a theory that says that applying rouge on the cheeks should be made before applying the foundation. The rouge can look then more natural. So you should choose the way, which is the most proper for you.


Brushes, being in set with rouge, mostly are not suitable for anything . They are too small, so it is necessary to invest in larger, preferably with natural hair one


To find a suitable place on the cheeks to apply rouge, you must stand before a mirror and just smile. Then we dipped the brush in rouge and treat with it incurred swells , rubbing the rouge towards the temples.


We wipe the excess of the rouge off with tissue or powder with friable powder. In the case of pink in a liquid or gel, you should wash it off, and unfortunately start applying the rouge from the beginning.

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