5 steps to apply foundation under the makeup

Posted: August 17th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

The key to beautiful makeup is to prepare a suitable base. A well-chosen foundation serves a number of important functions. Perfectly cover the imperfections up, and as it is necessary, it mats or light up the skin. It has also lifting properties. It is necessary to know how the foundation application should look like in order to obtain natural effects.


It turns out that also for foundation, the proper base is needed. First, clean the skin with the use of tonic. Then we apply the cream. The best way is to apply a foundation on damp skin, because then we are sure that the foundation easily melt with it and unsightly streaks won’t appear. It is also worth to do peeling before it, especially if your skin has a tendency to exfoliation.


We start applying foundation under the make-up from identification of appropriate amount of the cosmetic. The best way to apply an appropriate dose of foundation is to do with your fingertips small spots from the foundation on the forehead, chin, cheeks and nose. Do not overdo it, because the effect will look artificial.


The best tool to grind the powder on the face are our own fingers. Warm fingertips easily apply the foundation, and the it will better melt into the skin, and above all we will do it more accurately than by using sponges. We rub the foundation on the face from face sides- from middle in the ears direction. Never rub the foundation up, because in this way we will rise hairs, growing on the face.


At the end, we gently wipe the extend of foundation off with stick or a cotton pad.. Particular attention should be paid to the eyebrows, as a foundation often sediment between the hairs.


The last steps, when it comes to applying foundation under the make-up is its consolidation. We sprinkle the foundation very gently with transparent powder to make sure that the makeup will be enduring.

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