5 Steps of preparing Cleopatra-style makeup

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Cleopatra-style make-up gives the look of clarity and mystery. This is a great option for a party, and its softer version will be suitable for every day. In this article you will learn step by step how to prepare the makeup.

cleopatra makeup

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Distribute covering, matte foundation on the face. It should be perfectly matched to your skin tone. Add fresh to your look with a brightening concealer. Use loose powder for consolidation.


On the cheekbones and at the hairline, apply bronzing powder brush. Thanks to this, your face will be adequately modeled and beautifully tanned.


Cleopatra’s makeup style is characterized by long lines which are raised to the top of the eyelids. Before drawing lines the eyelids apply beige powder shadow – it will make the effect more durable. Draw the lines carefully, making sure to pull them out of the outer corners of the eyes. Now you can apply eye shadow. Choose one that will match the color of your iris. Browns, dark greens, graphite, navy blue will look perfect. Do not smear the shadow, as Cleopatra style makeup is characterized by clear, visible transitions. The lower eyelid should be highlighted with a clear line, swinging it a bit towards the bottom in the inner corner. Apply mascara carefully on the eyelashes.


Such a clear eye makeup requires adequate framing. Adjust the eyebrows and highlight them carefully with dark shadow.


With a strong eye makeup, lips must remain neutral. Use a matte lipstick, similar to the natural color of your lips.

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