5 steps of making bath salts

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Bath salt affects the hydration and nourishment of the skin, it also acts great as peeling. Additionally, if you connect essential oils to it, it will bring relief and relaxation.

bath salt

Obviously, the salt bath is a wonderful cosmetic and it’s worth having it in your bathroom. Besides, we do not need to go to the drugstore, you can make bath salts yourself, according to your own preferences.

Choose salt

Bath salts absolutely must not be confused with ordinary table salt. This type of salt is not suitable for bathing. To prepare the bath cosmetic you will need coarse salt with sea minerals. Salt from the Dead Sea or the so-called Bocheńska, Kłodawska or Epsom salt. You can also combine them and get in this way a richer set of minerals.

Prepare wet ingredients

The dry component, which is a salt, it should be combined with wet ingredients in a 1/3 cup of soap. If you plan to add essential oils later, choose unscented soap. Otherwise, go for the soap in your favorite scent. When it comes to oil, just one teaspoon is enough. We will also need 1-2 teaspoons of olive of noble origin, for example olive oil or grape seed oil.

Select a color

In order for our bath salts to have a beautiful color, use the food coloring, color-matched to the smell. Just a pinch of dye will be enough.

Combine ingredients

Thoroughly combine the wet ingredients in a glass. If you think that the smell is still not intense enough, add more essential oil. Pour dry ingredients into a bowl and add wet ingredients to them. This must be done carefully, so that the liquid covers the entire salt.

Leave to dry

Put the prepared salt on a thin layer of grocery paper. Drying takes about a day. After this time the salt bath is ready for use.

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