5 Steps of glueing artificial eyelashes

Posted: December 24th, 2012 | Author: | Beauty

Fake eyelashes can give you a totally different look, which even the best mascara will not provide you with. You need to know how to attach them properly to achieve the desired effect. Below is a step-by-step guide of how you should stick artificial eyelashes.

glueing artificial eyelashes


The first step in the application of artificial eyelashes is to make sure they are not too long. To do this, apply them to your upper eyelid and assess whether they do not go too much beyond your natural lashes. If so, gently cut them.

Applying adhesive

Now you can apply the adhesive, included in the box with artificial lashes. Apply a small amount of glue line to false eyelashes. Add a little bit on the end, so that lashes will last longer. Wait a minute and make sure the glue is sticky. If so, you can glue the eyelashes.


Apply the false lashes to natural eyelashes’ border. Start sticking from the middle. Hold it and press down lightly.


The next step is to curl eyelashes with a curler. You have to do it very gently to avoid damaging them.


In order to make fake eyelashes have the natural color and look more natural, cover them up slightly. Do not do this, if there are artificial rhinestones or other ornaments.

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