5 Steps of dyeing eyelashes

Posted: December 24th, 2012 | Author: | Beauty

Despite appearances, the painting of eyelashes is not so simple. Just through learning the proper technique of cosmetic application, you will be able to boast about long and thick eyelashes curtain that will be a great decoration for your eyes. Learn step by step, how to paint eyelashes to achieve the results that are really amazing.

dyeing eyelashes

Paint lashes from the root up

Try to paint the lashes from their base, but taking care not to put the brush to the eye. You can help yourself by pulling the eyelid with your finger towards the temple.

Apply ink accurately

Try to cover every eyelash with mascara, especially if they have a bright color. The best way to accurately apply mascara is by running the brush with zigzag movements, right at the base. Paint the lower lashes, hold the brush vertically, so that the skin does not get dirty.

Do not stick eyelashes together

Your eyelashes can stick together due to the poor quality of the selected mascara, and also the technique of painting. You will avoid this, if you rotate around the brush around its axis while painting. If, however, eyelashes stick together, use a comb or a dry mascara brush.

Curling up the eyelashes

Probably you’ve noticed more than once that they after curling the eyelashes and applying mascara, they straighten under the weight of the cosmetic. Using the eyelash curler after painting can make them sticky or even break them. However, there is a simple trick to curl lashes after cover-up. Take a dry mascara brush and use it as a comb for eyelash endings, before the mascara dries.

Emphasizing the effect

If you’re looking for a strong and thick eyelashes curtain, after painting, apply a second coat of cosmetics. Do it before the first coat has dried, but not immediately after its application.

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