5 steps for “cat’s eye” makeup

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This type of makeup is very attractive and elegant, and most importantly, universal. It is suitable for both to the party and to the office. Therefore, it is important to know how “cat’s eye” make-up should be done. Thanks to it, our look will take sensual and coquettish nature.


Before you start eyes make-up, it is important to prepare a suitable base. Thanks to powdering the eyelids, the powder settles on the eyelashes and causes that they will look far thicker and longer.

The dark eye shadow

“Cat eye” can not be done without use of the dark eyeshadow. We match the eyeshadow color appropriate to the color of eyes, or we just pull the eyelid with universal black. The most importunate is to choose the color, which would be appropriate to the occasion.. We apply the eyeshadow on the movable part of the upper eyelid and rub it until its bending. On the lower eyelid near by the eyelash line we create a thin line, also gently rubbing it.

Light eyeshade

It is necessary to choose eyeshadow color, which fit to that one, which is already applied on the eyelid. With the lighter eyeshadow, we treat eyelids’ dip and external corners of the eyes, lightly rubbing to the top. The next step for “cat’s eye” make-up is to pulverize the boundaries between the eyeshadows with the cosmetic stick.


With black eyeliner (you can choose a different color, however, this one is the most popular) we draw a clear line by the line on eyelashes, extend it slightly towards the temples. We outline the lower eyelid inside its edge.


Appropriate completion is very important when it comes to “cat’s eye” makeup. For this purpose, we curl the eyelashes up with eyelash curler and apply a lot of mascara.

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