5 solutions for the oily skin care

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The oily skin is the most common teenagers and young women problem, but it also occurs at older women. The skin is greasy when sebaceous gland activity is too high. Such a skin needs proper care because it is poorly supplied with blood, shines and has expanded pores. On this skin often appears the embarrassing blackheads. In order to the your facial skin always look nice and fresh, you should learn how the care of oily skin should look like.


Contrary to appearances, it is better to avoid the use of strongly degreasing means. It is also not recommended to use alkaline soaps. It is better to wash your face with cleaning gels or with light foams and after cleaning apply refreshing tonic, especially intended for oily skin. It’s better to forget about all kinds of lotions, which only much more oil the skin. However, you can prepare cleanser for oily skin at home. To the 100 ml of buttermilk we add a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of lemon juice. We mix the wholeness and then the cleanser is ready to use.


For obvious reasons, moisturizing creams are not the best solutions, if our goal is to oily skin care. It is better to use a gentle creams and emulsions, which do not only mat a glossy complexion, but also provide the nutrients component, which are essential for oily skin and they improve in skin the blood circulation and also regulate the sebum. At night it is good to apply a nourishing-regenerative cream.


For the oily complexion the best will be fine-grained peeling. The coarse grains can be used to the entire body peeling. It is also good idea to use gel with peeling particles, which opens the pores.


The properly prepared by peeling skin is ready for the beauty mask applying. In the drugstore, choose any of the masks especially intended for oily skin, or prepare the face mask at home.
Great effects can brings for example, herbal mask. We add to a spoonful of ground wild pansies, and horsetail the teaspoon of freshly rubbed yeast. We mix the products with boiled water. We apply the mash on the face and cover with gauze. We wash it off after 20 minutes with warm water and washed the face with tonic.

Another mask, recommended for people with oily skin is oatmeal mask. We add to the tablespoon of petals and horsetail a few drops of lemon juice. We rub the wholeness, add hot water and stir. This mash we apply on the face and keep about a quarter. After this time, we wash it off with lukewarm, boiled water.

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