5 solutions for the fine hair

Posted: August 12th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

hick, long hair is unsurpassed dream of many women. However, it appears that even fine hair can become a great decoration and in a short time to gain volume. Just learn some simple ways in order to enjoy thick and strong hair after some time.


It is worth to go to the hairdresser for the treatment of increasing volume, because the effects can go beyond our dreams. The treatment consists in applying on the hair a nourishing serum that penetrates the hair fiber and doubles its diameter. It may seem unlikely, but such a treatment really works. The hair becomes thicker and stronger, and the effect lasts for quite long, depending on how often we wash the hair. On average, the treatment must be repeated after about 7 washes.


Properly matched haircut is also a reliable way to fine hair. It is worth to go to a good hairdresser who will assess the condition of our hair, and matches the haircut that even without stacking and modeling by using the cosmetics, will give an impression of storm of hair on the head.


The poor condition of our hair often indicates that we use inadequate diet. Therefore, to add hair volume, you should eat properly. The fine hair often indicates that we are lacking of iron. The rich deposits of this valuable microelement we can found in red meat, as well as in oysters. They contain iron, which is more digestible than this in vegetables. If you do not like meat or seafood, it is worth asking at the pharmacy for an appropriate supplement.


Well-known methods for fine hair are rollers. If we are amateur of curls, let’s decide on a thin rollers, but better and faster idea is to invest in the thickest three rollers. The most important thing is to put rollers right at the roots of the hair. A good method is also styling mousse. We apply it on damp hair from its the roots. Then we let them dry naturally, or we bend the head forward and we let go the air from the hair dryer flow on them.


In any drugstore we can find whole lines of cosmetics for everyday care of fine hair. Just look at them carefully and choose the right shampoo and conditioner. Another proven method is to use anti-dandruff shampoo , which not only provide us protection against the dandruff, but it will work for the hair like push-up and visually expand their volume.

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