5 solutions for the acne complexion care

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The complexion with tendency to acne requires a very caring and diligent care. We can prevent formation of ugly and onerous pimples on the face only by learning, how the care over the acne complexion should proceed.

“Steam bath”

The old, proven, but still effective solution for dealing with skin imperfections are the so-called “steam baths”. It consists in adding to the pot of boiling water dried herbs or ready bags with express herbs, for example chamomile, sage. We slant the face over the infusion and cover the head with a towel. The treatment should last about 10 minutes. For the best results, “steam bath” should be repeated once a week.


Peeling creams are the proper solution for caring of the acne skin. They exfoliate and clean the epidermis and will cause that the skin will be much smoother. In the drugstore, you can find the wide assortment of these products . You can also prepare a homemade scrub, adding the cream or gel intended to face washing, sugar, or finely ground nuts. The ways for homemade peeling are as much as products on the store shelves.

Beauty Mask

The ideal beauty mask for skin with tendency to acne is that one on the basis of clay. It perfectly moisturizes the skin and closes the pores. A good idea is also a peel-off type mask, which congeals on the face in a few minutes, forming a thin film, which should be pull off.

Make-up removal

The exact make-up removal of the rest of make-up is essential, if the proper care of acne complexion is our intension. For this purpose we choose cosmetics, intended for oily or acne skin. They are free of fat, but instead of that they contain antibacterial substances, ideal for skin with acne.


After a thorough make-up removal, it is time to wash the face. The ideal solutions for daily acne skin care are antibacterial preparations intended to face washing. The best are those that contain zinc, betaine, licorice, Virginian march, thyme. It is also important to properly wash your face. At first, we rub the cosmetic in hands and then we massage of them the wet face. The most attention should be paid to the forehead, chin and nose, i.e. the places, in which there is the biggest aggregation of the sebaceous glands. After applying antibacterial product, we rinse the face with water.

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